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"Elseware experience is an independent studio specialized in the development of video games and immersive experiences such as real-time architectural visualization and virtual reality exhibitions."


When Elise and her fiancé decided to leave the city life and settle near the French coast, Elise couldn't have imagined that she would end up stuck in a time loop, alone. As strange phenomena occur in a dim post-cold war climate, Elise will have to unravel the mysteries surrounding Saint-Exil and put all the pieces of this thriller back together.

The game is still in early development and will be showcased further later this year.


ARTEFACTS explores urgent environmental issues of our time, by focusing on the themes of food, energy, water, air and climate. Science can help the EU be an architect of a better world. Discover how European policies, based on solid scientific facts, have an impact on your everyday life. ARTEFACTS, a collaboration between the Berlin Museum für Naturkunde, the photographer J. Henry Fair and the Joint Research Centre (JRC).

Artefacts is a serious game and the reproduction of an exhbition made in collaboration with the teams of the European Research Center and the Natural Science Museum of Berlin in Germany.


Unreal Paris is an interactive architectural visualisation experience working with VR devices. Various features have enriched the experience by allowing to interact and customize the environment. We try to get the most realistic and faithful visual possible while ensuring a comfortable experience for our users.

Unreal Paris was showcased at GDC 2015 by Qualcomm, Nvidia, Epic Games, AMD Technologies and Microsoft to promote their own technologies.

This scene is representative of achievements in the field of architectural visualization that we have provided to many clients. Additional informations on other architectural projects are available through the link below.


Dniepr is an amateur additional multiplayer campaign developed for the Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 games created by Valve Software. Each chapter takes place in Ukraine in an imaginary universe strongly inspired by reality. The architecture present throughout the levels is varied and documented. Throughout their adventure, players come across a shopping mall, one of the major rivers of Ukraine, and the famous city of Chernobyl.

We paid great attention to detail in producing a particular atmosphere which distinguishes itself from the great majority of additional campaigns available for this game. The creation of a very large quantity of unique objects, of textures, of sounds and of music contributes markedly to the singularity of this add-on.

The community exhibited real enthusiasm for this add-on, as evidenced by more than 150,000 views of our various trailers. The campaign was downloaded more than 250,000 times within a year of its release.


Logistique is an additional solo campaign developed for Valve Software's game Half-Life 2. Initially, this draft was a simple and unambitious grouping of additional levels developed in the Source engine with Hammer Editor. As the project acquired greater breadth, others decided to join and work with me on it. By dint of work, we obtained a more ambitious result of a much higher quality.

Logistique presents a story unfolding in parallel with the original game's narrative while conserving its atmosphere. Throughout the adventure, we follow the journey of a man whose wife has been abducted by the governmental militia known as the Cartel. This complete game modification includes a great quantity of original content such as levels, music and weapons, as well as unique gameplay elements.


Casino Online is an online gambling game playable directly in the browser.

You can create your own avatar, which you can personalise with respect to both clothes and accessories. The games developed for the casino are blackjack, slot machines, roulette and poker with real money. The scoreboard, player ranking and player of the month can be viewed in real time, and you can create your own challenges.

The development of Casino Online was interrupted due to acquisition of the project by a private company.